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• THE CARD The Imdeco Exclusive Shopper card can be given to those who buy for 150Eur or more. However,  it is not a rule or commitment of ours, therefore we kindly ask you to inquire about receiving such card here –

• VALIDITY The card is valid at olaumzirgis_www_geras.jpgur e-store as well as the tills of our shops in Vilnius and Kaunas.

• INFO You will be able to view your purchase history as well as the discount acquired when you log in to you account on our website. To do that, you will need to go to the user account section, register your discount card and get  a confirmation.

• COLLECT YOUR DISCOUNT With our discount card you can increase your discount according to the amount you buy. When paying for your purchase, don’t forget to type in your discount card number so we can add the amount you have spent shopping with us, and thus increase your discount.

• • Your online purchases will be added with your in-store purchases. Bulk purchases made by companies won’t be added, as they get a single discount which has been previously agreed upon according to buying conditions and the total amount of the purchase (see contacts section for more information).

• • Discount cards are personal, therefore the discount is only valid when personal details of the owner match the details of the person registered on the website. If a person who is not the owner uses the card, we reserve the right to reject it.

• BENEFITS. Additional benefits for the discount card owners: 

  • You get a special one-time 20% discount during your birthday month.

  • You will be the first to know about upcoming offers and discounts both in-store and online.

• DISCOUNT VALUE. Your discount values depends on the total amount of your purchases:

1% - 150EUR

2% - 200EUR

3 % - 250EUR

4% - 350EUR

5% - 450EUR

6% - 650EUR

7% -1000EUR

8% - 1500EUR

9% - 2000EUR

10% - 2500EUR

11% - 3500EUR

12% – 4000EUR

13% – 4500EUR

14% – 5000EUR

15% – 5500EUR

20% – 8000EUR 

*Discounts are not applicable to: Jiesia, Metalo forma, SIGG, Peugeot items.